You can extend the life and your enjoyment of your Melissa Wilkes candle by following these steps which will help your beautiful scent  last longer. 

Burning Time

The very first time you light your candle, we recommend you allow 2 hours burn time or long enough for the the entire surface area to liquify to the edge of the vessel. After this, you will see an even pool of melted wax across the surface which will then harden for your next burn. If you light your candle for less than the needed time you may end up with a pool around the wick which will lead to an uneven burn in the future and a wasted outside edge. Subsequent burn times should be 2 or more hours to allow the wax to melt evenly and the exquisite scent to fully release.

Wick Care

After the first burn and once the wick has fully cooled, keep it trimmed to around 5mm. Always cut off any bobbling on the wick to avoid soot or debris falling into the wax pool and spoiling
the smooth surface.


To put your candle out simply place the lid back on top of the candle pot or use a snuffer. Always allow the wax to completely reharden before relighting.


Keep your candle well away from draughts to both stop it blowing out and to prevent flickering and an uneven burn. When lit, keep it at least 15cm away from other candles or flammables and don’t leave unattended.

Every Melissa Wilkes candle is hand poured and will burn in its own unique way. But by following these candle care tips, you will get many hours of enjoyment from your candle.

When your candle has fully burned (around 1cm from the bottom of the vessel) you can remove the remaining wax once cool, clean out the vessel and repurpose it as a vase for your seasonal posy or plant your succulents.