We are all doing our bit to try to halt the flow of a throwaway society. We’re looking for more eco-friendly choices and repurposing and recycling is paramount.

When we were first starting Melissa Wilkes brand we knew we had to be better and producing responsibly is our priority. We’ve found suppliers whose ethos matched our own and this has driven all of our manufacturing choices.

Every element of the candles and associated material has been largely British sourced because we wanted complete transparency across the supply chain. Our fragrances are created by Melissa and produced by a British Perfumery. The eco soya wax is British made and poured as are the fine bone china vessels and the packaging.

We chose Stoke-on-Trent for its wealth of incredible potteries and help keep this craft alive after hundreds of years. The potteries make the highest quality, longest lasting and most exquisite fine bone china. It contains materials that would otherwise be consigned to landfill and any waste produced during manufacture is reintroduced to the process.

Our candle wax is non-toxic, eco-soy wax from a sustainable soy producer. Soy wax burns cleaner and longer with no environmentally harmful residue. It is safe for your home and for your health. Our candles are produced in small batches, and we can make to order so there’s never any waste or overstock.

The packaging is all made from recycled material and is designed to be used again or regifted. It’s too lovely to be consigned to the bin and is strong enough to have several more lives.

Our fine bone china is a thing of beauty. Once your candle is burnt, the vessel can easily be repurposed as a posy vase, pencil pot or paintbrush jar. With its glorious fitting lid, it could be filled with bonbons or other treats!

"Our island is a treasure trove of talent. I’m fulfilling a dream by collaborating with such exceptional people and businesses”.